[Reigns]“This is the only way I want to be remembered” – Roman Reigns says his on-screen character is a shoo

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  Roman Reigns says his on-screen character is a shoot. The WWE Universal Champion has consistently been the best act of the company for quite some time now.

  Roman Reigns has always been the top guy in the WWE. Since his return at SummerSlam last year however, he has finally lived up to the billing. He was always up there with his in-ring work but his character work has finally caught up to where the WWE has always wanted him to be.

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  During an interview on?Peter Rosenberg’s Cheap Heat?podcast, Reigns revealed that he shares the same motivations as his on screen personality in that he also wants to better than everybody elso in and even ?outside of the WWE.

  Roman Reigns says his on-screen character is a shoot

  “This is some stuff I’ve said to Jey [Uso] and Jimmy [Uso] on screen, but I mean, it’s a shoot. It’s for real. This is the only way I want to be remembered is being the hands down, head and shoulders, better than everybody else on the show, everybody else in the world.

  “They’re all trying to catch me. At this point, I feel like within a marathon, we’re lapping people because we put so much preparation, so much thought into the detail, the nuance, and trying to deliver the most sophisticated, not confusing, but very respectful stories as we can.”

  Reigns is currently in the middle of a dominating Universal title run. He has beaten the likes of Edge, Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens among many others. In fact, the Head of the Table is yet to lose a match this year. He is currently the only WWE star to yet have an unbeaten record in 2021.

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