[Just Dance]Where Can I Dance In NYC?

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  So let’s get into options where you can probably just waltz right in, in case you are faced with sidewalk crowds and have as much patience as I do:

  A Rooftop Bar For Shoulder-Swaying: Honey’s

  This perpetually cool Bushwick meadery has a rooftop with an herb and wildflower garden, as well as a DJ booth, and glorious views of the Manhattan skyline. You can legitimately walk right up there and hang out without anyone stopping you – although it’s probably best you get a pina colada slushie made with black currant mead. For an outside dancing option that’s wild but not too wild, you’ll be set at Honey’s.

  A New Place People Don’t Know About Yet: Wild Birds

  This Crown Heights venue typically hosts live bands every day (including outdoors when the forecast doesn’t read “your deodorant is pointless”). But on weekends you can come dance to a DJ very late into the morning. Their dancefloor doesn’t get as crowded as a place like Friends And Lovers nearby, and our only explanation is that Wild Birds hasn’t caught on to the masses yet.

  The Manhattan Option: Joyface

  Joyface on Avenue C looks like Austin Powers’ apartment but it’s far less problematic to experience in 2021 than whatever is happening in those movies. Think mismatched chandeliers, a Twister board available for use, a playlist exclusively focused on music made before the 1980s, crushed velvet, and a disco ball circling above. The cocktails are so uniformly well-made that they’re worth devoting a sentence to, unlike most substances consumed at dancy bars around the city.

  Have fun. Text me when you’re going out.