[Apex Legends]*UDPATED* Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event Confirmed: Patch Notes, Release Date, Content & more

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  The next step in Apex Legends will be the Genesis Collection Event, which brings some exciting new rewards to top off a massive update.

  Here’s everything you need to know about the next Apex Legends update, and the Genesis Collection Event.


  The next Apex Legends update’s patch notes have been revealed, and they’re massive!

  The highlights of the new update include some new (and returning) maps, the Genesis Collection Event, a new Rewards Track, new Heirloom, Legend balance changes, weapon balance changes, and Arena balance changes.

  You can read over these patch notes here.

  As predicted, the next Apex Legends Collection Event is on the way and it’s due to arrive on June 29th!

  The Genesis Collection Event is bringing back Season 0 Kings Canyon and Season 3 World’s Edge for a limited time alongside a brand new Reward Track, 24 new cosmetics, and a host of new tweaks and balances.

  You can check out a preview of everything that’s coming next week below:

  The Genesis Collection Event will run from June 29th to July 13th, giving players plenty of chances to grind out the rewards they’re looking for.


  The Genesis Collection Event has finally been revealed.

  The event has tons of new content, including a ton of new cosmetics as well!

  You can check out the Apex Legends Devstream breakdown of the Genesis Collection Event content below: