[Switch It]Where’s E3’s Lost Console, The Nintendo Switch Pro?

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  E3 has come and gone, and with it, not a whisper of something that many people thought would be making its debut: the Nintendo Switch Pro.

  The Nintendo Switch is five years old now, and that’s getting toward old age for any piece of hardware. As such, it’s been reported that a refresh is coming, a Switch Pro that will allow 4K gameplay when docked, have an OLED screen and have other power upgrades (though none that will take it to PS5/Series X level).

  And yet, despite reporting that suggested that the Switch Pro will be out before the end of 2021, and that it would debut before E3, that didn’t happen. Nintendo had a games-focused E3 show, and didn’t announce the Switch Pro before, during or after.

  That leaves essentially two options going forward:

  Nintendo is about to announce the Switch Pro imminently, if it still plans for a holiday 2021 debut. But for some reason didn’t want to do this before E3, and talk about upgraded games at E3.

  Nintendo will not announce the Switch Pro until fall, and it will instead debut some time in 2022.

  This also leads to into two reasons why a Switch Pro doesn’t necessarily need to be imminent:

  The current Nintendo Switch is selling massively well as-is, and there’s no need for an imminent replacement as it will still sell a ton of units this holiday.

  There’s currently a global component shortage that affects all manner of electronics production, including video game consoles, and until that’s resolved, launching a new console in that period would result in even more potential supply scarcity.


  So, we’ll have to see what happens. It was a little bit of a surprise to see or hear nothing about a Switch Pro at or before E3 this year. It is coming, the question just remains when.

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